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NORAD's Santa TrackerProvided by NORAD

Radar, satellites track Santa's journey

Each year since 1955 the North American Aerospace Defense Command has used its radar and satellite technology to track Santa's flight from the North Pole to the homes of every good little boy and girl. This year, Santa's journey is being displayed using Google Maps, updated every 5 minutes! Click below for the latest report on Santa's position.



About NORAD and the Santa Tracker:
The North American Aerospace Defense Command was established in 1958 and is a joint U.S./Canada operation. NORAD uses a variety of technological tools to watch for any man-made threat that might come from the skies, including missiles, jets or spacecraft. Since the 9/11 attacks, NORAD also monitors airspace within North America, and helps keep watch on waterways. NORAD does not watch for meteors or comets -- but it does keep track of Santa Claus. NORAD has operated its Santa tracker service for the boys and girls of the world since 1955. In the early years, Santa's journey was followed using powerful air defense radar, but now surveillance satellites provide more accurate and timely reports on Santa's progress. The Santa Tracker program relies on donations from corporate sponsors, and is not supported with government funds. Learn more about NORAD and the Santa Tracker.