Bossier City police nab real life grinch

By Tracy Clemons – bio|e-mail

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA)- Sherry Bunnery woke up Thursday morning to find her Christmas tree bare- "I looked up under the tree and I was like where are all the other presents at? I was like Oh my God!"

Police say Brian Garner, tried to steal Christmas from Bunnery and her family. He lives a block away.

"He got all the presents. He got my Chase card, my ATM card, and he got my grandmother's digital camera," she says.

Police were on the scene within minutes. It didn't take long to tab Garner as a suspect.

"This individual has been booked before on burglary charges and drug charges. So just on a hunch they figured "let's go talk to this guy who we need to anyway," says Bossier City Public Information Officer Mark Natale.

When they got there, they struck gold.

"Upon searching him, they found a credit card that belonged to the woman at this house which the Christmas presents were stolen," Natale says.

They also found all the Christmas presents.

"Now my kids can have the Christmas that they wanted," exclaims Bunnery.

Mark Natale says incidents like this burglary don't happen often, but this shows that they can: "One of the things we tell people is to not put Christmas presents under your tree, particularly if they're near a window. Somebody can see inside the house and see that there are presents there and it puts it in their mind that this is a target."

The digital camera was still not accounted for when we spoke to Bunnery, but she says she's still glad to have all the presents back, and that Garner didn't try to take their lives while he was taking the gifts.

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