Christmas is the Sky to benefit SRAC tonight

Shreveport, LA(KSLA)- Shreveport's Regional Arts Council is making a comeback, more than a year after its building was burned down.

Christmas in the Sky Gala will kick off Saturday evening with proceeds that promise to help SRAC get back on track.

SRAC moved from the fire to the fire station, and this Monday, December 13th, Gary Vinson, the man accused of setting SRAC and several other buildings on fire will be in court.

But before his day comes, the organization and the artists who benefit from SRAC are gearing up for Christmas in the Sky, the one event that promises to pull the art out of the ashes.

It was ironic that it was a devastating fire that destroyed the SRAC headquarters and that the next building SRAC will occupy is the first fire station in Shreveport- Central Fire Station.

But so far, it will take a lot of money to make the transition. According to SRAC, the fire station needs to be renovated which can add up the financial cost, thus burden.

The sold out Christmas gala promises to raise a half a million dollars, with 2000 tickets sold tickets at $250 each, the gala will also feature a silent auction to help with its fundraising efforts. The event will start Saturday evening at 7:00 Harrah's Louisiana Downs.

"And this will be the new vehicle for getting us finally from the fire to the fire station," said executive director Pamela Atchison.

"More than a thousand community members donated an auction item, they're incredible," added Atchison.

But the generosity and absolute enthusiasm SRAC has seen so far isn't limited to money. According to organizers, without volunteers, Christmas in the Sky would not be possible.

"And that's been a joy and we've had over five hundred volunteers who have come down to work and help create Christmas in the Sky."

And now, Christmas in the Sky will help take art out of the ashes.

The new gallery will have studio space, classroom space, and will provide workshops for artists and even space for art shows.