Three teens arrested in string of armed robberies

By Tracy Clemons – bio|e-mail

GREENWOOD, LA (KSLA)-Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office has identified two of the teens arrested in a string of armed robberies. 17 year olds Alex Washington and John Burnett were arrested Friday morning in Greenwood. A third suspect, a 15 year old, has not been identified because of his age.

The teens allegedly robbed Day and Night gas station on Mansfield Road, in Shreveport around 8:50 Friday morning. Authorities believe they also robbed the Thriftway in Bethany, Texas around 9:25.

Caddo Parish sheriff's deputy Mike King pulled the alleged getaway vehicle over.

"As I was traveling southbound on Highway 79, I passed a white Ford Explorer, which has been the description used in previous armed robberies and in Shreveport," King says. "The suspects hesitated to stop. There was a lot of movement. Once we got the vehicle stopped, one of the other suspects bailed, carrying a backpack, and ran in the woods."

Two were arrested on the scene, and a few minutes later, the third was picked up.

"About a quarter mile away, Shreveport police officer J. Brown was standing at his perimeter where he was told to look for suspects, hears some rustling on the ground, looks down, and finds the third suspect lying on the ground," says Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Cindy Chadwick.

Authorities believe they also held up the Shell station in Greenwood back in October. Teisha Thomas says two came in, pointed guns, and told her to hand the money over: "He said 'because I'm gonna shoot you if you don't help me.' I'm like 'ok.' He said "I ought to shoot these...' So the tall guy said 'Look, I'll go down for robbery, but I ain't goin down for no murder.'"

Thomas says she's glad the suspects have been caught.

Cindy Chadwick says it's an unfortunate situation-"A 15 year old...his whole life ahead of him. His whole future ahead of him, now we're looking at this."

Officers did recover a gun, a mask, a bandana that was used to hide their identity, and cash at the scene.

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