Tooth Accident

Kids tend tend to get pretty excited when they lose their first tooth...unless that tooth loss was a result of an accident.  NEWS 12's Jayne Ruben explains precautions parents should take in case a baby tooth is knocked out.

Myles was a full-toothed four-year-old until a bounce on the bed took an unfortunate turn.

Toni Cameron, Mom: Myles was jumping on the bed and sort of slipped and fell on the wrought iron footboard of our bed and knocked out the tooth. We saw a lot of blood and put a towel to his mouth until we could get him to the dentist.

Even though baby teeth should never be replanted, it is important your child receive immediate professional attention. Your child will most likely need an x-ray to determine if any of the tooth remains or if the tooth waiting to come in has been damaged.

A tooth that has been lost before its time may take longer to be replaced. The gum where the tooth was becomes harder and the new tooth has difficulty pushing through. Oral hygiene is particularly important in the area of the missing tooth. And for some that is a blessing in disguise.

Cameron: to make sure that the tooth didn't get infected, he couldn't suck his thumb so actually that help solve that problem for us cause he stopped sucking his thumb all together.

To prevent loosing a tooth make sure your children use mouth guards if they are involved in any contact sports.

A surprising number of kids loose their teeth while being bumped at drinking fountains. Warn them of this hazard.