First Chevy Volt offered through auction

First Chevy Volt offered through auction

(KSLA) – The first Chevrolet Volt, an electric vehicle is being offered to the public through an auction.

The Volt being offered in the auction has a bluish-green exterior, a premium trim package, rear camera and parking assist package, and polished wheels. The Volt also includes a 240-volt charging station and home installation.

Bidders have driven the price for a Volt up to $180,000. All the proceeds will benefit math and science education in Detroit Public schools.

Bidding started at $50,000 Tuesday November 30th at an event to celebrate production of the extended-range electric car at the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant where the Volt is built.

Bidding will end at 6 PM on December 14th and the winner will be announced on December 16th.

All bids for the first retail Chevy Volt are accepted at .

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