Shoppers lined up for Black Friday deals

By Brittany Pieper – email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – At 4 a.m. the doors opened and the mad rush into Target began. Shoppers grabbed carts and ran because most already knew exactly what they wanted

"Samsung TV, a microwave, and an ipod touch," listed off Gennie Martin.

The Black Friday frenzy started long before stores opened. Shane Brady lined up outside of Best Buy at 1 p.m. on Thursday afternoon.

"It's really more just for fun than for everything else. Even if there were no great deals, we just like coming out and camping and having a good time," said Brady.

Retail experts say one of the season's biggest sellers will be flat screen TVs, and Black Friday may be your best chance to get a good deal on one. Stacy and Christy Magee hoped to get a netbook for their daughter, but picked up a few extras along the way.

"We ended up with something we didn't plan on buying. A plasma tv that was an incredible price, and then a DVD player with wifi for cheap. Totally cheap,  said Magee.

While shoppers like the deals, the stores enjoy the boom in business.

"The biggest time of the year. I mean it's definitely a huge plus for revenue for our store, for our company. We see the bulk of our revenue come from this time of the year," said Best Buy Supervisor Artis Cash.

Nationwide, as many as 138 million people are expected to hit the stores this weekend, which is 4 million more than last year.

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