New report says Shreveport is more dangerous

By Fred Childers – bio|email

SHREVEPORT, LA  (KSLA) –  You might have seen the headlines lately showing St. Louis Missouri as the number one most dangerous city.

But what you probably didn't see is Shreveport on that list, which is fortunately much further down at number 69.

Good news right? Not if you consider that last year, according to this same report, Shreveport was at 82. That's a move in the wrong direction if you ask SPD.

"What we dispute is the way the numbers are compiled, it's an oversimplification," said Sgt. Bill Goodin with the  Shreveport Police Department.

Since 2006 Shreveport police, along with Mayor Cedric Glover touted a decline in violent crimes.

"And we're talking about part one crimes, homicide, rape robberies, burglaries thefts those numbers have continued to trend down in Shreveport," said Goodin.

But the part one crimes some believe alters the numbers to tell a more flattering story in favor of police and the current administration.

Local Police Union President, Michael Carter says "No cop that's been on the street for several years will tell you crime is down."

So if these numbers tell one story, and the police department's tell another, what's the discrepancy?

"Well I think it's more of a situation where you're comparing apples to oranges, an aggravated assault in Shreveport is not necessarily an aggravated assault in New York or Los Angeles," said Goodin.

When you consider there are cities on the list much smaller than Shreveport, that rank much higher in danger, one could argue, it could be worse.

But everyone can agree, it could certainly be

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