Added police patrols in Shreveport area for holiday weekend

By Tracy Clemons – bio|e-mail

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA)- Louisiana State Police are putting around a dozen extra officers on the roads for the busy travel weekend.

"Our biggest focus is typically what the holiday brings---impaired driving, and those who are not buckled up," says LSP Public Information Officer Cordell Williams.

Williams says officers will also pay close attention to children-"We want to be sure we have our kids...have them in a proper restraint system."

The state police aren't targeting any specific areas, so wherever you're driving, you may see more state police cars than normal. And it's all to keep you safe.

"Many of those crashes, of course, are alcohol related. Many of the crashes have occupants who are, in fact not restrained, not belted in," Williams says.

Shreveport police are also putting extra bodies out for Thanksgiving weekend.

"They're out working every day of the week, those guys and girls are, but we are going to be bringing some additional officers in to help look for impaired drivers," says SPD Public Information Officer Bill Goodin.

Traditionally, not many people look at Thanksgiving as a big drinking holiday, but Goodin says any long holiday weekend means police need to have enough officers around to keep a lookout.

"You're going to have folks who are in town, relatives in town from college, people with time on their hands, and obviously there's going to be holiday parties," says Goodin.

Whether you're staying local or going far away, Cordell Williams cautions all drivers to be extremely careful.

The extra state police officers are being paid by overtime funds provided by the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission.

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