All eyes on the Ark-La-Tex Haynesville Shale

By Fred Childers – bio|email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) –  The Ark-La-Tex has seen many effects from the discovery of the Haynesville Shale. It appears the more negative ones get a lot of the attention.

"It's basically the roads, it's dangerous," said one resident.

If it's not the damaged roads from heavy trucks, it's the noise from the drill sights.

LSUS Geologist Gary Hanson says those are the issues that should be dealt with, not the safety of fracking.

Hanson believes in safety, but not where fracking is concerned..

"It's a proven technology," said Hanson.

Whether it's the New York Times, or 60 Minutes, they're calling on Hanson - because he's familiar with fracking, a method of using chemicals to release the natural gas trapped in the rock below the surface.

The geologist, who says he has nothing to gain from the industry, opposes the notion that the process can contaminate a water source.

"We actually have the geomechanics mechanics and the data to show that the racking will not get up to the aquifers," said Hanson.

Data that was shared recently at Penn State, to address concerns over what's called the Marcelus Shale, where according to the New York Times, the governor ordered a moratorium on new drilling permits.

"We were able to come away from that firmly believing that the fracking is not the problem," said Hanson.

With the exploration of natural gas in so many other areas, skeptical city governments and national media will continue to watch how it's done here.

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