Councilman back on the job after fraud charges

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) – Tonight Bossier City Councilman James "Chubby" Knight is back at work after police arrested him on charges of bank fraud.

Knight says he is actually the victim of an alleged secret shopper scam.

Knight was able to attend today's council meeting just one day after turning himself in to Bossier City Police for bank fraud.

Knight says he cashed two checks totaling $4,000, because he thought he won a sweepstakes, but as soon as the bank alerted him, he paid all of the money back.

Knight's attorney Joel Pearce says his client is the real victim.

"If the bank tellers cannot tell the difference between a counterfeit check, how is the average citizen able to tell the difference between a counterfeit check," says Pearce.

But detectives say three other tellers at different banks did recognize that the check was fraudulent, and they say Knight still found another bank that ended up cashing the check.

Councilman Knight will be back in court for his arraignment sometime in January.

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