Man saves wife from explosion

By Tracy Clemons – bio|e-mail

HOSSTON, LA(KSLA)- A Hosston couple is recovering after an explosion in the place they were staying. It happened just off Highway 71 before dawn Wednesday.

"I got up that morning to cook breakfast, and I went to light the stove, and I guess it was fumes in there, and when I lit it, it just exploded," says Curtis Davis.

He suffered second and third degree burns there, and on other parts of his body. Davis says he was scared to death, but didn't have time to think about how scared he was.

"I had ran out the door because I thought I was on fire, but I wasn't. And then I heard her hollering, and I ran back in and got her," he says.

His wife, Samantha, had been asleep when the explosion happened. She saw the flash, hit the ceiling, and then she was on the floor.

"All I know is I was in excruciating pain, and he ran outside, I guess when it first exploded, but then he come back and pulled me out."

Samantha Davis says she wouldn't be here if her husband hadn't risked his life for her.

"I have the best husband in the world. He really must care for me because I don't think anybody would have done what he did for me."

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