Tyler 18 wheeler driver runs through two sets of tire strips

Source: Tyler Police Dept.
Source: Tyler Police Dept.

TYLER, TX (KSLA) - Tyler Police worked a hit and run accident Thursday morning involving an 18-wheeler and a Cadillac in which the driver of the 18 wheeler blew through two sets of tire strips.

Police say the 18-wheeler, which was being driven by Bill Crum, of Colcord, Oklahoma was traveling westbound on Loop 323, when he reportedly ran through a red light and struck a Cadillac, which authorities say was being driven by Patricia Williams of Tyler.

After crashing into Williams' Cadillac, police say Crum kept driving. When officers were able to catch up to Crum, they say Crum refused to pull over. Crum reportedly kept driving eastbound on Loop 323.

Officers then pulled out tire deflation devices at 271 and Loop 323 to force Crum to stop, but officers say Crum ran through them. A second set of strips were laid out further down, at Hillsboro Rd. and E. Gentry.

Tyler police say after running through the second set of strips, Crum finally pulled over, after they say his tires were flat and he was reportedly driving on his rims.

Upon approaching the 18- wheeler and interviewing Crum, police say he was extremely confused and was not aware of his surroundings, but there were no signs of narcotics or alcohol, police say. Crum was reportedly taken to East Texas Medical Center Hospital for medical observation.

Police say the driver of the Cadillac, Williams suffered minor injuries. This case remains under investigation.