Local reaction to garbage fee

By Barak Shapiro – bio|email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) –Tuesday KSLA News 12 told you about a new fee that will be added to all local Shreveport residents who use the public works system.

Shreveport has never had a fee before, but other cities have, like Bossier City.  The new fee for Shreveport will be $2.50 a month and start next year.

Out of the seven Shreveport City Council members, five voted for the fee.

Local residents don't seem to mind. "There is a lot of stuff to pick up," said Charles Leveret, Shreveport resident. "I think they need to put a price on garbage collection."

Yayi Hildebrandt says: "I think that $2.50 is not that much," said Yayi Hildebrandt, another Shreveport resident.

The money collected will be use for truck maintenance and other expensive.

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