Update: allegations of abuse by former Shreveport priest

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – A federal lawsuit claims a former Shreveport priest abused a little boy more than two decades ago.

The victim, who is now 40 years-old and living in Tennessee, claims it happened at St. John Berchman's Parish.

According to the alleged victim's attorney, Jesuit Priest Donald Dickerson raped, molested and sexually abused the boy back in 1982.  He is now seeking $12 million in damages.

The Diocese of Shreveport released the following statement on Wednesday:

"The Diocese of Shreveport only today learned of allegations of the sexual abuse of a child by a clergy member who formally served at our Cathedral of St. John Berchman's in 1982.  We all feel a deep sadness whenever allegations of sexual abuse are brought forward.  Our compassion and prayers go out to all associated with this case. 

The Diocese of Shreveport and our Cathedral Parish have not been contacted by any person associated with this matter and so we presently have no additional information concerning this allegation."

The Texas attorney is also representing a New Orleans man who says he too was molested by Dickerson.

We unsuccessfully tried to reach Dickerson at his last known address in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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