Boys playing with matches cause massive fire at E. Kings Court condos

SHREVEPORT, LA(KSLA)- The Shreveport Fire Department tackled a huge fire at East Kings Court Saturday evening that forced five families from their homes.

The fire happened in the in the 1800 block of E. Kings Hwy at Lynn Ave. and Arthur Ave. at East Kings Court, which is a condominium complex.

Fire fighters say they could already see a building roof engulfed in flames as they were approaching the scene.

The fire was so big, twenty-three fire units came to the scene, and Shreveport Police had to block off the road leading to E. Kings Hwy at Dixie Garden.

According to Fire Chief Brian Crawford the fire started in condo number 13. Crawford spoke to KSLA News 12 and confirmed that it was two little boys playing with matches that caught their couch on fire and the flames spread from there.

Each building contains five, 2-story condos. Three of the units suffered fire damage, with the others also hit with smoke and water damage.

Fire Chief Brian Crawford says the five and seven year-old boys will likely take part in what's called a "Fire Starter Program" to help educate the kids.

Crawford says all five families forced from their homes have found places to stay with their friends or family.

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