Man charged in Shreveport kidnapping

By Tracy Clemons – bio|e-mail

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA)- Shreveport police arrested 22 year old Quincy Robinson Friday morning for kidnapping a four year old at the Palomar Motel on Greenwood Road.

"Apparently the boyfriend and girlfriend were together last night in a room at the Palomar Motel . Some indication there may have been a sexual assault. This morning when the lady got up to call the police in reference to that, the suspect grabbed her four year old son and fled on foot," says Capt. Steve Pierce.

Pierce says Robinson denies having the child, but that multiple people saw him with the little boy.

A woman found the child on Interstate 20 between the Jewella and Monkhouse exits. She tells KSLA News 12 that she saw a white t-shirt, and pulled over when she realized it was a little boy. She says he ran toward the interstate, and she ran after him and put him in her car until the police arrived.

"She probably did save that child's life, because he's very scared. He didn't know where he was going," Capt. Pierce says.

Quincy Robinson is charged with aggravated kidnapping.

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