Seniors need to reevaluate their Medicare Plans

By Brittany Pieper – email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) –The enrollment period for Medicare Part D is November 15th- December 31st.  There are several changes to the plans, so the Caddo Council on aging says it's extremely important seniors re-evaluate their plans this year.

To find the best plans for you online click here.

For assistance, call the Caddo Council on Aging at (318) 676-7900.

"There have been a lot of changes in the plans, a lot of changes in the drugs, and a lot of changes in if they can do their name brand or if they can do the generic drug," said Mary Alice Rountree with the Council on Aging.

She added that just because someone used one Medicare plan this year, doesn't mean that will be the best plan for them in the future.  With 32 different plans, it can get confusing.  The easiest way to sort through them is online at

Seniors can answer a series of questions about which prescription drugs they use, and the program will tell them which 3 plans would be the best for them.

"It tells them exactly how much they're going to pay, when they're going to go into the gap, and then they can make an educated decision," said Rountree.

However, many senior citizens like Fran Nail aren't comfortable enrolling online.

"I had been receiving in the mail information that I could change my drug plan, and I didn't understand what I had or what they were talking about," said Nail.

Nail has some serious health problems, so she wanted to make sure she got the best plan for her.  She brought her medications to the Caddo Council on Aging, and they helped her through the process.

"Showed me the differences in each drug plan, what I would have to pay, what the drug plan would supply," said Nail.

If you would like help enrolling in Medicare Part D the Caddo Council on aging asks that you call them at (318) 676-7900 to set up an appointment.  They say the earlier you call the better, because if you wait until the enrollment deadline they may not have the resources to  help.

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