Those who can't vote work to get out the vote

By Brittany Pieper – email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – About a dozen volunteers spent their Saturday afternoon at Democrat Charlie Melancon's campaign office calling voters to ask for their support. A.J. Hortman is one of his most enthusiastic volunteers.  At only 16-years-old he can't vote, but he doesn't let that stop him from getting involved.

"I let other people who can vote know more about each candidate. Let them know that election day is on November 2nd, and that it's really important to go out and vote because we're lucky that we have that right," said Hortman.

Congressman Melancon isn't the only candidate who's gotten support from those who can't support him at the polls. 14-year-old Chandler Pearson has spent hours working for Republican David Vitter's campaign.

"Sign waving, calling people, that's the kind of stuff I can do," said Pearson.

She and a group of friends, all younger than 18, walked door to door hanging campaign flyers. They say most people are surprised by their age, but they want to help out any way they can. Whether Republican or Democrat, these kids say they know they're making a difference.

"The message of the candidates can't get out without volunteers, so they need volunteers just as much as they need votes," said Hortman.

"He can't be here himself to talk to them, but we can be representatives," said Pearson.

The teenaged campaigners plan to keep working until the final vote is cast.

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