SPD: Closed cases above national average

Shreveport, LA(KSLA)- The Shreveport Police Department has announced some good news on Friday.

According to a news release by the Shreveport Police Department, through the third quarter of 2010, Shreveport has ranked well and above the national average of cases that have been cleared for cities of comparable size.

Cleared cases are those that have been closed either by arrest or cleared exceptionally. Exceptionally cleared cases are defined in part as those where the offender died, the victim declined prosecution, the prosecuting authority declined to prosecute, or the victim is unwilling to cooperate with authorities.

The clearance rates are reported to the Department of Justice following strict guidelines established by that agency.

The clearance rates for Part I crimes are as follows:

Homicide- Shreveport Police Department: 83.3%-national average: 63.6%

Rape- Shreveport Police Department: 63.5%- national average: 40.4%

Robbery- Shreveport Police Department: 51.4%- national average: 26.8%

Auto theft- Shreveport Police Department: 14.9%- national average: 12%

Burglary- Shreveport Police Department: 17.9%- national average: 12.5 %

"These clearance rates are a testament not only to the hard work of the men and women of the Shreveport Police, but to the relationships we are building with the citizens we serve. Many of these cases would never have been solved without information we received from concerned citizens," said Chief of Police Willie Shaw praising the numbers.

But the Chief was quick to point out that regardless of the numbers, his focus remains squarely on reducing crime and the perception of crime as well, adding, "I am fully aware that every one of those closed cases represents one or more of our citizens who has been a victim of crime. Your police department is working hard every day and together we can send a message to these common criminals that Shreveport is the wrong place to set up shop."