Gov. Bobby Jindal in Shreveport

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was back in Louisiana on Sunday after traveling across the country helping many other GOP candidates during this election cycle.

Sunday, Governor Jindal and flew into Shreveport to speak briefly to the news media.

The message he gave to the press was one that dealt with providing better value for higher education.

"Over five years we spent over $200 million on students who drop out only after a year of college," said Jindal. "This is bad for the students, it is bad for the state.  Students end up with debt, without the degree, without the skills to get a good paying job."

That word comes just one day after the governor announced $107 million in cuts to the state budget.

And higher education took 1/3 of those cuts; about $35 million which includes the lay-off of 100 college and university employees.

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