More than 4000 gallons per minute spewing into Champion Lake

Shreveport, LA(KSLA)- Repair crews are on the scene of a blow-out on the Stoner Force Main. Authorities say that 4000 gallons per minute of raw sewage is spewing out of the sewer into Champion Lake. The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality has been notified of the incident.

The blowout was discovered around 7:30 Saturday morning, but it was estimated the sewage started spewing around 5 am.

The Stoner Lift Station lost power on Friday evening, but when power was restored on Saturday morning and as crews came up slowly with the pressures, a loss in flow was noticed. Later on, the broken valve was located, which caused the loss of pressure.

The repair work will take approximately 24 hours from the time the valve is shut off. Authorities estimate that the valve could get shut off by 6 PM, that's when the repairs will start.

By 6 PM, it is that estimated that approximately 3 million gallons would have spilled in Champion Lake, which is 1/3 rd of the amount of sewage spilled last time.