ULL students alerted after a case of mumps

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - The University of Louisiana at Lafayette says a student is recovering from mumps. Anyone who's been in contact with the student is advised to check immunization records.

The state Office of Public Health says two MMR vaccinations -measles, mumps and rubella - are needed for protection.

After puberty, mumps can inflame the testicles, causing pain and occasionally sterility. The virus can also cause encephalitis, meningitis, inflame the ovaries or breasts, and cause deafness.

State Health officer Jimmy Guidry says the vaccine does not eliminate the risk of mumps, but dramatically reduces it.

Symptoms can show up as much as 25 days after infection, but routine vaccinations have made mumps very rare.

The Department of Health and Hospitals has reported only 13 cases since 2008.

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