Neighbors help police nab suspected burglars

By Fred Childers – bio|email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) –  A kicked in door, broken glass, and missing property, that's what Queens Highway resident Carmen Lee had to deal with after a group of burglars broke into her home.

"Television, computer components, jewelry, just anything they could find," said Lee as she listed the things missing from her home.

"I knew they wasn't supposed to be there," said neighbor, Jimmie Giddins.

Luckily Giddins, and a friend took notice of the group leaving the yard.

"I just seen them running through the fence man, I walked over there I was fixing to call the police and saw all four of them shot out the back yard," said Giddins.

They chased the suspects, but weren't able to catch them.

However, they were able to point police in the right direction - arrests were made on nearby Attaway Street.

"It actually hurts me that the neighborhood has gotten as bad as it's gotten," said Lee's son, Stephen.

Today's incident is one of many in what neighbors describe as a rash of burglaries lately.

"They stole my son's bicycle off the porch and they broke into my neighbors house over there," said neighbor Carl Reynolds as he sat on his porch.

"And I don't think it's fair to the people that work hard," said his wife Delena..

After questioning the suspects, Shreveport Police were able to find a big screen television, one of the items taken out of the house.

They found it behind bushes near a house. Police took finger prints and gave it back to the Lee.

"They couldn't just walk around with a TV I guess," Lee said with a smile on her face.

Six were detained and questioned, two are charged with burglary.

"They deserve it man, that's what they get. They shouldn't be breaking in peoples houses, they done broke in every house over here," said Giddins.

Four of the six detained were freed, but police say the two arrests they did make could clear up other burglary cases in the area.

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