$2,000 found at jail, then returned

By Fred Childers – bio|email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) –   The owner of 2000 dollars reclaimed his cash, after leaving it at jail.

He sat in his Bail bonds office and counted it out, "20, 40,60."

If you keep counting to 2000 that's how much Dexter Burnam accidentally left in a black bag at the Caddo Correctional Center.

"You know your heart kind of drops, and you think 2000 dollars what could have been done with that," said Burnam.

When he realized he had misplaced it, he had no idea he left it where people go for breaking the law, Jail.

"Actually I had some business to tend to out there," said Burnam.

He says he walked up to the information window with his bag of cash, set the bag down in the window, then took a phone call, and got distracted.

He said it would be 9 hours later before he saw that money again.

"I just stumbled on the bag over there when I…I thought it was a little child's bag. When I opened it up it was more than a little child's bag," said Caddo Deputy, Tangela Bloomer.

Luckily the bag also contained a money order with Dexter's name on it, Bloomer called him right away, by then it was 10 O clock that night.

"I looked on my phone I say that's CCC," said Burnam.

"And when I called him he said he'd been looking for it since 1 O clock," said Bloomer.

All that time the cash sat in plain view.

"A lot of people passed that bag," said Bloomer.

And they passed it where people go to visit friends and relatives in jail.

"A lot of those people have backgrounds of that nature themselves," said Burnam.

Luckily the only person who did pick it up, was an honest deputy.

When asked why she didn't take the money she said "I was raised a little better than that."

Dexter picked up his money that night, and found what should have been a loss, to be a gain, of not only cash, but of faith in humanity.

"You don't find people like that everyday," said Burnam.

Bloomer said with a big smile on her face "You're welcome."

Two shifts of visitations were completed before that bag of cash was found.

Also, if the bag didn't have the money order in it, and it was just a bag of cash – a report would have been filed, then the cash would be locked away, and someone would need to come claim the cash.

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