Shreveport mayoral forum gets personal

By Tracy Clemons – bio|e-mail

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA)- Marriage, divorce, restraining orders, and personal finances all came up in Tuesday's mayoral forum. There was also talk about the issues.

"Back in 2008, I fought for a police pay raise. Why? Because our police officers are getting paid 15-thousand dollars less than the national average, and 10-thousand dollars less than the southern average," says Brian Wooley.

"Crime statistics right now in the city of Shreveport are as low as they have been since 1976," says Mayor Cedric Glover.

And of course with any election in Louisiana, there's the topic of corruption.

"We will not tolerate corruption, and we will not tolerate someone violating the law---period," Wooley says.

Glover argued that he's been one of the people who stood up against corruption, and that there are some in Shreveport who are not happy about it: "There are folks who want to see a return to the Shreveport that existed before I became mayor of the city of Shreveport," he says.

Things did get personal. One person asked about a nearly $96,000 debt that Wooley's business supposedly failed to pay. Wooley contends that the rumor is "absolutely false." Also, when questioned, Wooley addressed reports about past legal trouble.

"Have either of you ever had a restraining order?" asked Lou Burnett, the moderator.

Going first, Brian Wooley said he has.

"In all of my 44 years, I have never been the subject of a restraining order of any sort. I've never been arrested," said Glover.

Wooley says the restraining order was a result of his divorce, and that he and his ex-wife get along now.

Mayor Glover defended him, saying divorce is a personal thing, and things can happen during that time that should not.

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