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Outrageous: Accused Cleveland Strangler wants death penalty off the table

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Suspected serial killer Anthony Sowell is making an outrageous request in the Cleveland Strangler case.

Sowell wants a judge to tell prosecutors that even if he is convicted of murdering eleven women, they can't seek the death penalty.

Anthony Sowell is accused of murdering eleven women at his Imperial Avenue home and attacking several others.

Sowell and his defense team argue that death sentences get carried out in different ways all over the country and other serial killers have plead guilty and received life in prison.

Sowell is still trying to build his argument by asking how many other local death penalty cases have ended with life in prison pleas and how many death cases were later reversed.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors say this issue has been addressed before and "we are moving forward to trial in February and will try it as a death penalty case."

Sowell is already asking the courts for more and more money to build his defense and now wants the death penalty off the table. What's next? Asking if he can get out of jail?

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