Cordarious Spates murder trial underway

By Fred Childers – bio|email

Shreveport, la (ksla) – Cordariuos Spates, was 15 years old at the time of the alleged murder.

Kenneth Pipkins was killed in 2006.

And prosecutors are trying Spates as an adult here in a Caddo Parish Courthouse, where Kenneth Wayne Pipkins' family sat and listened to a description of his violent death.

"Our brother did not deserve to die the way he did," said Vickie Perez, one of Pipkins sisters.

the 52 year old was found shot to death inside this vacant home on Leroy Street in 2006.

Four years later, one of his alleged attackers, Cordarious Spates, is on trial.

The jury heard opening statements.

So did Pipkins' sisters.

"We're very sad about what happened to our brother, and being here today and hearing him recount what happened to him just bring back the bad memories," said Cheryl Pipkins, another sister.

Prosecutors say when a group of young men barged into the home to rob Pipkins, he barricaded himself in a bedroom, and made the fatal mistake of bracing against the door.

A hail of bullets went through the door, and 8 of them hit Pipkins.

Prosecutor Brady O'Calaghan told the jury "You're going to see that door, and you're going to see where he slid down that door." referring to photographic evidence.

"I hope Spates dies behind bars just like our brother died behind that door," said Perez.

Pipkins sister, Brenda Edwards testified that Pipkins had a drug problem, and suffered from a mental illness.

"His problem had nothing to do with anyone else, he didn't bother anyone. And people who knew him around the neighborhood loved him," said Marvette Thompson, a fourth sister who was inside the courtroom.

Spates defense attorney, Mary Ellen Halterman appears poised to ask for a lesser charge, of negligent homicide.

Pipkins' family says that's unacceptable.

The trial is expected to continue tomorrow (Friday) with more testimony.

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