KSLA News 12 Set To Launch Local News in High Definition

KSLA News 12, the #1 television station in the Ark-La-Tex, will begin broadcasting its Coverage You Can Count On News in High Definition (HD) on Friday, October 15, 2010 at 5:00pm. The station recently also unveiled a beautiful new high definition set, logo and graphic look.

HDTV viewers will see the KSLA News 12 newscasts in a wide-screen, high definition format. KSLA News 12's Vice President and General Manager James Smith said "Viewers should notice an improvement in picture quality even on standard TV sets." He said one of the most important aspects of the upgrade is that of the station's weather equipment. "Now, our on-air weather tools will show an incredible level of detail," Smith said. "We have the latest—most sophisticated High Definition Weather system in the market. The equipment gives Chief Meteorologist Stormtracker Steve and his team incredible storm tracking tools. You are going to be able to see clearly if your neighborhood will be impacted during a storm."

KSLA News 12 Chief Meteorologist Stormtracker Steve is also excited about the new equipment. He says it will give KSLA News 12 an advantage over other local stations.

"There is a safety aspect to tracking storms and the more sophisticated High Definition Weather System will enable our viewers to see the storms in better detail and clarity than ever before.  We can see approaching weather systems in the highest resolution and detail while they are forming outside of the viewing area—giving us a greater ability to show the viewer what to expect and when it will arrive here in the Ark-La-Tex.  This new system brings in more live weather data from more neighborhoods and more communities across the region, expanding our abilities to better track changing weather conditions."

KSLA News 12's News Director Jayne Ruben said that viewers will notice the impact of high definition in the news coverage as well, noting that all of the station's field cameras have been upgraded to the wider 16x9 format.

"The success of KSLA News 12 is all about the station's commitment to bringing Coverage You Can Count On to the viewers of the Ark-La-Tex," Ruben said. "This is a big investment in our equipment and it will bring our audience the best viewing experience available combined with our dedication to keeping them informed."

Smith added, "This is just the beginning. There are more advancements coming to KSLA News 12 in the coming months. A new HD master control is already underway and other products to help make the viewers experience with KSLA News 12, KSLA 12.2, KSLA 12.3 and KSLA.com something they will enjoy all day long.

KSLA News 12 in high definition is available to viewers in several different ways. Viewers with an HDTV set and a digital tuner can view the newscasts on digital channel 12.1. Cable viewers can see KSLA News 12 in HD on Suddenlink channel 710 and Comcast channel 433. The station's HD newscasts are also available to HD subscribers of DirecTV and DISH Network.


Raycom Media owns KSLA News 12. Raycom Media, an employee-owned company, is one of the nation's largest broadcasters and currently owns and/or operates 46 television stations in 18 states. Raycom stations cover more than 12.6 % of U.S. television households and employ 3,500 individuals in full and part-time positions.

In addition to television stations, Raycom owns Raycom Sports (a marketing, production and events management and distribution company in Charlotte, North Carolina); Raycom Post (a post production facility in Burbank, CA) and Broadview Media (a post production/telecommunications company based in Montgomery, AL).

Further information about Raycom can be found at the corporate website, http://www.raycommedia.com.