3 Tyler teens arrested for alleged rape of a 12 y.o.

TYLER, TX (KSLA) –Three East Texas teen boys now face an aggravated sexual assault charge for allegedly assaulting a 12-year-old girl.

According to Tyler, Texas Police 18-year-old Joshua Baker, 18-year-old Glenn Williams and 19-year-old Brandon High all three of Tyler have been arrested for allegedly raping the young teen in early September.

Police say the three suspects plus two older teens picked up the young girl along with two other young teen girls at Rose Stadium in Tyler.

Reportedly the girls all live in the Chapel Hill school district and were attending a high school football game.

Tyler Police say the girls went with the young men to a home and that's where the alleged sexual assault took place. They say that following the alleged assault, the young girls were reportedly dropped back off at the football stadium.

Baker, Williams and High, according to police, have also been identified as members of a local criminal street gang and may soon face more charges of engaging in organized criminal activity.

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