Suspected drug ring busted in Waskom

By Fred Childers – bio|email

MARSHALL, TX (KSLA) –   Six mug shots, according to the Harrison County DA's Office represent a large portion of the drug trade in the county - and they made up a drug ring of individuals who are considered to be big players.

"It's a drug ring in a sense they were all from the same area of town, we found that each of them were dealing with each other," said Joe Black, the Harrison County District Attorney.

Local, state, and federal law enforcement swooped down on the suspects early Thursday morning.

"Most of them are facing 1st degree felony charges, 5 to 99 years to life if they're found guilty," said Black.

The suspected drug dealers were reportedly operating in Waskom Texas, where residents and business owners say the drug activity, was certainly noticeable.

"The teenagers, they feel a lot of peer pressure, I was talking with one the other day, he's 14 years old, he says every day he faces it," said Pete Sutek.

Sutek owns a furniture store in Waskom. He hopes the bust will help.

"I think it's fantastic, I think any bust they can make with someone dealing with drugs in this town, or any town is a good positive thing," said Sutek.

Many residents in Waskom who didn't want to appear on camera agree, and say the drugs have been ruining the way of life they moved here for.

"It's got to be a pretty frightening feeling they see traffic coming and going as it was," said Black.

But it's traffic, that the DA's Office hopes will be noticeably less frequent.

One assault rifle was confiscated, along with narcotics, and what the DA's Office calls a large sum of currency.

The operation included ATF, Marshall Police, the Harrison County Sheriff's Office, Waskom Police, Hallsville Police, and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

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