Exterminating Bed Bugs

By Barak Shapiro – bio|email

Shreveport, Louisiana (KSLA) – Each week we continue to hear more news that bed bugs are popping up in many more cities.  They have even popped up in the Ark-La-Tex.  According to Randy Farrar the branch manager of J & J Exterminating, last year he didn't calls about them.  This year he gets 4 or 5 calls a month.  He says they are an oval shape looking bug that's about the size of a tick.  They are reddish brown to mahogany in color and are flat.

The EPA has created a database for you to browse EPA registered products for use in your home.

With that being said Farrar says it can be a tedious and difficult job to get rid of them due to their reclusive nature.  He tells KSLA news 12 that if you have treated for them and they return you should call in an exterminator.