UPDATE: Fires at Lake Bistineau rekindle

Update: The fire that has been blazing since Labor Day around the Lake Bistineau area in Webster Parish has rekindled in a new area. Firefighters thought they had put them out for good after using creative firefighting techniques, including spraying foam to prevent the flames from coming back. Unfortunately, strong winds sparked those flames again. We are told relief isn't expected any time soon. The worst of the flames are centered around Horseshoe Bend and Westwood camp. We are keeping in close contact with the fire department on this and we will keep you posted with updates as we receive them.

Webster Parish, LA(KSLA) - Fires have picked up in Webster Parish at Lake Bistineau where fire crews have been on the scene for the past few days battling lake bed fires.

According to the Office of Homeland Security, fire crews are currently trying to contain a flare up which has reportedly spread over the Horseshoe Loop.

According to Webster Parish Sheriff's Office, efforts are underway in coordination with multiple agencies from surrounding areas and multiple volunteer departments from Webster and Bossier Parishes to contain the fire. Homeland Security is also on the scene overseeing and coordinating the operations.

According to Jenny Reynolds with Webster Parish Sheriff's Office, a bed fire on the northern end of Lake Bistineau began in the Horseshoe Bend area and because of the wind and the dry conditions, the fire spread very quickly and rapidly to the southwest reaching the tadpole area of the lake at Westwood Camp Area.

Fire crews have been working all day with The State Forestry Department on the ground and air and heavy equipment is en route from Bossier Parish and LA State Highway Department.

A first round perimeter has been set up at this point to stop the initial spread of the fires.

According to Reynolds, the wind and dry conditions make the lake beds very dangerous because of their geological composure which is made up of debris, compost and moss that make it favorable for fires to spread underground in the form of tunnel fires, even though it may not be burning up on the surface.

No evacuations have been issued as of this time, but an advisory is in place for residents at homes that may be at risk and residents are advised to pay attention to surroundings and to closely watch and monitor the situation as it continues to develop.

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