Lawsuit filed against officer in shooting death

By Fred Childers – bio|email

Bossier City, LA (KSLA) –

In October of 2009, after reportedly hitting an elderly woman and claiming that he was Jesus Christ, 42 year old Scott Gray was pursued by Bossier City Police.

The encounter would leave Gray shot five times, killing him.

The officers actions were reviewed then backed up by then Police Chief Mike Halphen.

"He was on top of the officer, the officer was helpless," said Halphen.

But attorney Elton Richey filed a law suit on Thursday, pointing the finger at the police officer who fired the shots, Kary Szyska, the Bossier City Police Department, and Chief Halphen.

Officer's direct orders to Gray were ignored.

Within seconds five shots rang out.

"We need an ambulance dispatcher," one officer can be heard saying on the dashboard camera video.

The Gray family questioned the officer's actions immediately.

"It gives more questions than answers as to why they felt they had to you know, take the action they did," said one family member.

The lawsuit filed on behalf of Gray's family claims that this is a case of excessive force, pointing out that Gray was not armed.

The lawsuit states Szyska's use of deadly force was extreme, outrageous, and excessive.

And it blames Halphen, and Bossier City for not developing reasonable municipal policy or to adequately train it's officers for dealing with mentally ill persons.

The family claims mental pain, and loss of income as a result of what happened here.

The Bossier City Police Department conducted an internal investigation into the matter, and a grand jury looked into it as well

Both investigations cleared the officers.

Bossier City Spokesman Mark Natale says no comment will be made pending the litigation.

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