Ringgold's Mayor held news conference for clarifications

Ringgold, LA (KSLA)- More political drama has unfolded regarding the mayor of Ringgold, LA.

It was just one year ago that Stephone Taylor won a legal battle with the Bienville Parish District Attorney about whether he lives 'in' Ringgold. But Friday morning, he held a news conference on the eve of his re-election bid and explained to the media why he entered a 'no contest' plea' in a Texas court to a felony charge.

In the news conference, incumbent Mayor Stephone Taylor wanted to put some speculation to rest about pleading no contest to stealing a lawnmower belonging to the Texas town where he worked before.

The mayor said that yes indeed he "can run for re-election and hold office as a re-elected mayor, that's despite that felony in Texas."

The statement by the mayor added quote, "after I complete one year of probation and pay $1000 fine, the state of Texas will dismiss the indictment."

"I have not been convicted of a felony, which means, I can still maintain the office of mayor of Ringgold.

Bienville parish District Attorney Jonathan Stewart told KSLA News 12 by phone that his office is collecting all the necessary paperwork from Texas and will review the situation next week.

On the streets of Ringgold, some people spoke out about the mayor's race

"We don't need, you know a mayor or anybody else, you know, have a long laundry behind him," said Glinnie Parker, a registered voter.

Taylor faces two challenges in Saturday's Louisiana Primary: Lucinda Johnston and Eddy Higginbotham.

"We need somebody that's gonna do right, "added registered voter Glinnie Parker.

Mayor Taylor's written statement added that he should have never allowed himself to be in an indictable position, and apologized to the community of Ringgold and to his family.