Lake Bistineau: Flood to Drought

By Barak Shapiro – bio|email

CITY, STATE (KSLA) – It was October of last year and the rain kept coming and coming. Al Hicks, a lake Bistineau resident, tells KSLA news 12 his car shed was nearly under water. He wasn't the only one. Many parts of the Ark-La-Tex flooded. Some homes along Lake Bistineau barely hovered over water where dry land once used to be. Others seem to sprout right from the lake itself. The only way to get around was by a boat or in waders. Several homes last year were damaged and many had to evacuate. Well fast forward to the present…now Hicks says it's so dry that all the grass is dying.  Places that normally have water flowing are now turning into dirt paths.  Hicks put down a bridge where four feet flowed just last year.  He used to rent out his dock for others to house their boats.  Now, his dock which usually has 6-8 feet of water holds not a single drop at the moment. He tells news 12 he's praying for some rain.

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