Man's body found on side of the road in Dekalb, TX

DEKALB, TX (KSLA) – A passer-by made a gruesome discovery on the side of a road in east Texas Thursday evening.

Investigators confirmed to KSLA News 12 that a dead person was discovered by a passer-by walking a dog around 6:25 p.m. in Dekalb, Texas.

We're told the body was about 10 feet off the road in a ditch covered with high grass on Highway 259.

Investigators tell us that they believe the body had been there for some time.

There is still little information at this time, but they believe it's the body of a white man.

We're also told he had a couple of bags with him leading them to believe he could be a hitch hiker.

"We don't know if he got hot, we don't know if he got hit by a car; right now we don't know what happened," said Bowie County Sheriff James Prince.

There was no identification on the body.

Sheriff's deputies will send the body off for an autopsy.

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