Credit card fraud investigation centers in Natchitoches Parish

NATCHITOCHES, LA (KSLA) –Detectives with the Natchitoches Parish High Tech Crime Unit along with the United States Secret Service investigate credit card fraud in Natchitoches, Louisiana.

According to Natchitoches Parish Sheriff Victor Jones, Jr. the investigation has centered on a local restaurant, whose computer server was hacked.

Reportedly the Japanese Sushi Bar & Grill, located in Natchitoches has become the latest victim of hacking. Upon investigating, detectives have learned that someone allegedly got into the server they use to process credit card transactions.

So far, deputies have identified over 30 cases of credit card fraud, allegedly resulting in approximately $50,000 in losses. The crime allegedly originated, according to Sheriff Victor overseas, in the country of Romania.

Deputies have notified all local banks of the investigation and with the help of the Task Force were able to find that the local business was the common link in all of the fraud cases.  The server is believed to have been hacked around February 2010 and the stolen cards numbers may have been sold on The Black Market.

The Sheriff's Department wants to remind citizens that these types of crimes are being committed everyday by sophisticated criminals around the world.  No business or individual is completely safe from identity theft or access card abuse.

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