Rap group from Baton Rouge creates song for LSU


BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The music in Tiger Stadium could be changing soon. A local rap group wants to add its music to the Saturday night lineup.

LSU athletic officials say it could happen.

Da Future is a trio of former LSU students who showcase their pride through rap lyrics. The group's goal is to have their song "Tiger Bait" played in Death Valley.

"Tiger Bait" is the LSU Tiger nation's battle cry reserved for enemies who walk around the campus on game day. But Da Future has turned the popular chant into a song.

"All we want to do with the song is just play it in Tiger Stadium," said Eron Roussell.

Eron, Troy, and Brian all met at LSU while they were students there. Their new song is catchy, and you won't find any profanity or references to violence laced in lyrics.

But is it good enough for Death Valley? Craig Pintens, Marketing Director for LSU Athletics, said maybe so.

"When is their big break? It's hard to say," Pintens said. "It could happen this year. It could happen in a couple of years. We will just have to wait and see."

While they wait, the group members are hustling to get the word out and attract some fans by performing concerts around town. Da Future also sells a CD featuring the song "Tiger Bait" in local stores and on iTunes.

"A lot of people like it," said Brian McCollum of Da Future. "I hear a lot of positive feedback about how good the song is."

Da Future is not giving on up their future. The group is looking forward to hearing "Tiger Bait" in Tiger Stadium soon.

"Hopefully we do some things at a football game to really show the school how passionate we are about the school with the song," Roussell said.

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