Unofficial: Possible arson in early morning fire

Shreveport, LA(KSLA)- The Shreveport Fire Department was dispatched to a house fire around 3:30 Saturday morning. Within three minutes of the call, crews were on the scene of a fire that broke out at the 2700 block of Ashton Street.

The house was vacant at that time and thus there were no reports of injuries. Flames heavily destroyed the home and the Shreveport Fire Department has confirmed that more than 50 percent of the house was destroyed and deemed it inhabitable.

Fire Investigators are not sure what may have cause the house fire, but an investigation in still underway to determine the cause.

Friends and neighbors though have a different story to tell. They say that the house may have been bombed by a Molotov cocktail following an argument between two men. The fire has now left a mother and her son with no place to live.

Initial statements from fire officials never mentioned the fire as an attack. But one neighbor says there's no question on the street about what happened.

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