New daycare sign-in causing problems

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SHREVEPORT, La (KSLA)- A Shreveport pastor and day care center owner says the state is hurting his day care with its new sign-in system, through the TOTS program. He's planning a big meeting Saturday with other daycare providers who are also having problems in hopes to get them solved.

Willie Guiden says the new high tech sign in method has made things tough for his Unity Daycare.

"We are having problems with these new machines. Sometimes they work right, sometimes they don't."

Parents who get CCAP (Child Care Assistance Program) funding sign them in and out using a finger imaging touch pad. The pad tells the Department of Children and Family Services how much to pay the providers. Guiden says he hasn't been paid in full.

"Right now, it's difficult for me to pay my staff, meet other obligations that I have. The money is just not there," he says.

He tells us the system has denied some parents incorrectly.

"When the system continues to deny them for some reason or another, I have no way of knowing is that child still eligible for child care."

Trey Williams, the Department of Children and Family Services' Director of Communications says: "Denied means most likely someone is not eligible for CCAP funding, or it could be a mistake." For instance, if a parent or authorized person tries to check their child before checking out.

Williams adds that this new system is designed to eliminate the number-fudging that some day cares practiced before it was in place, and that it will save the state of Louisiana millions of dollars.

Willie Guiden wants to go back to the old way.

"What I am asking them to do also is to continue to use those invoices as we learn how to use these machines in the appropriate way, where we would not be losing money."

He will host a meeting for Class A daycare providers who may be having similar issues with the machines and the TOTS program Saturday morning at 10:00.

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