Hot Video: Ohio child allegedly taught to smoke pot

HAMILTON COUNTY, OHIO (KSLA) – A District Attorney out of Hamilton County, Ohio released Wednesday cell phone video of an Ohio mother showing her two-year-old daughter how to smoke pot.

Hamilton County investigators say the incident happened back in June 2010.

The county's prosecutor, Joe Deters released the video to drive home just how serious the case is to their office, according to news reports out of Ohio.

On Wednesday, a grand jury indicted Jessica Gamble, mother of the two-year-old on three felonies related to what was documented on the video.

The video shows what prosecutors say is Gamble's daughter. D.A. Deters says you can hear Gamble's voice, coaching the child on smoking the joint and watching the girl allegedly smoke one. The video allegedly shows the toddler smoking the joint in front of a television showing cartoons.

Deters says Gamble allegedly shared this video with other people and that the video was eventually forwarded to a case worker at Hamilton County Job and Family Services.

"I'm just grateful that somebody in the community was savvy enough, smart enough and cared enough about this little girl that they forwarded it to another phone and brought it to authorities," said Deters.

The child has reportedly been removed from Gamble's care. One of the charges she's been indicted on is a tampering with evidence charge. Prosecutors say Gamble at one point tried to erase the video from her phone.

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