Shreveport man worried about leaning poles

By Tracy Clemons

SHREVEPORT, La (KSLA)- A Shreveport man believes several SWEPCO poles in the Highland neighborhood are in danger of falling, and that SWEPCO has done little about them.

"We've been neglected for years, and we pay good money to SWEPCO for electricity, and we should not be neglected. This is a corporation that has money, and can change these things out," says Daniel Cirulli.

More than a few poles are leaning on Highland Avenue and nearby streets. Cirulli says he's worried that his neighborhood could see a repeat of Wednesday's fallen pole on Creswell Avenue---or worse.

"If we have maybe a hurricane that hits the coast and comes through here, this whole thing is going to go in the street, and it's going to bring this whole line of poles down."

He says he called SWEPCO a few weeks ago to get someone to come out and replace one pole, in particular, on Highland.

"They had three trucks out here, about 10 guys, doing nothing, and they left."

A SWEPCO spokesman tells KSLA News 12 that the pole has been inspected and deemed stable, but will still be replaced. Cirulli says it needs to happen soon before someone is hurt---and he's calling SWEPCO out.

"SWEPCO, John Hubbard, come down here and see what the problems are in Highland. You're responsible if somebody gets killed."

SWEPCO assures us that they've been working on it since Cirulli put in the request, but that it just takes time.

SWEPCO says it plans to start work on the main pole in question Monday or Tuesday. it will upgrade it from a 40 foot pole, to a 45 foot pole. It will take a few days to complete.

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