Oklahoma Native Finishes 400 mile mission from Shreveport to OKC

By Doug Warner -

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Over 400 miles and five days later, Dennis Voyles comes through on a promise - to run and bike across three states in honor of family and friends in their fight against cancer.

Dennis arrived in Oklahoma City on Monday after completing the final 100 miles on foot.  He departed Shreveport last Wednesday on bike, pedaling his way through the back roads of northwest Louisiana and northeast Texas.

Dennis formed the 'Team Underwood Foundation' three years ago after completing his first run of more than 100 miles from his brother in law's house in rural Oklahoma to Oklahoma City.  His brother in law Steve died of brain cancer.  Dennis' wife is also in a battle against brain cancer.  This year Dennis extended his run and ride from Shreveport to Oklahoma City because of his four year old grandson's recent battle with brain tumors.  His grandson Carson lives with his parents in Shreveport.

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