MBI still pushing to hire more qualified workers in Shreveport

SHREVEPORT, La (KSLA)- MBI in Shreveport is putting people back to work, just like it said it would. The company announced earlier this summer that it planned to hire 200-250 people over six months.

Carlos Lott worked for Beaird Industries for about seven years before it shut down in 2008. He says the last year and a half has been rocky.

"I was on and off jobs here and there, never get a steady job," he says.

We talked to two other people who also worked for Beaird but are now with MBI.

"I put in for welding, but I failed my welding test, but they asked me if I had any other experience in painting or anything," says Anthony Fontenot.

I put my name on the list, and then they called me and I came out, took the welding test and here I am," says Khadijah Seifuddin.

Seifuddin had worked there since 1989. She's been back in her old stomping ground for about a month and a half.

"I'm very relieved because it was hard out there looking for a job, and couldn't find anything with the economy going like it were."

MBI's Chief Administrative Officer, Rick Fayard, says there are about 105 people working on site now, but the goal is around 250.

"We've added painters, and some fitters, and some carpenters. We're still adding people as we go along."

Though there have been plenty of applicants, Fayard says finding ones who are qualified is a big challenge.

"We are still testing welders. We test about 20 welders every week. Four a day, five days a week. So we're doing what we can to get as many skilled people as we can. We've actually trained some people."

The company has had to use temp agencies to find qualified workers. Fayard says he hopes to keep everyone hired on so far permanently.

If you'd like to apply, you can call MBI, stop by and fill out an application, or download one and send it in.

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