Shreveport abortion clinic will fight to re-open

By Brittany Pieper – email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) –For 9 years members of the Vita Pro-Life group have spent the 1st Saturday of every month praying by the Hope Medical Group For Women. but this Saturday is different than any other.

"We're celebrating this Saturday because the clinic has been closed thanks to a new law which the legislature for Louisiana has passed," said Vita Coordinator Roxie Tabor.

That new law allows the head of the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals to quickly suspend the license of an abortion clinic if he decides there is an immediate health or safety threat. On Friday, the Hope Clinic in Shreveport became the 1st in the state to have to close its doors because of the law.

A DHH report says the clinic failed to ensure a physician performed and documented a physical exam on each patient prior to a procedure. The report also says the clinic failed to follow several mandatory procedures involving anesthesia.

Robin Rothrock, who founded the clinic 30 years ago says the state closed the clinic's doors for political reasons, not safety.

"It has absolutely more to do with politics. I mean our record is so excellent in terms of the provision of care. We're considered one of the premiere clinics in the nation," said Rothrock

Rothrock added the clinic has sued the State of Louisiana more than 20 times to keep it's doors open, and they plan to take the issue to court again.

"The State of Louisiana does not want safe abortion care. It doesn't want any abortion care," said Rothrock.

The clinic will continue to fight to reopen it's doors, while anti-abortion groups continue to pray that they'll stay closed for good.

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