Headstones found along Red River in Shreveport

By Tracy Clemons

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA)- Headstones, fully inscribed with names and dates of birth and death, have been discovered on the banks of the Red River in Shreveport, but nobody knows who put them there.

Adam Willard and a group of friends from the Bayou chapter of the Ozark Society found them a few weeks ago.

"I see at least ten different tombstones. There's some buried up here in the woods that you can't see. It looks like they're mixed in with some construction debris," says Willard.

At least two of them were World War One veterans.

"Unfortunately we can't find the dates on some of them, but the ones we can find...born in 1890, and died in looks like 1982. And this gentleman here passed away in 1968."

After examining some of the things in the pile with the headstones, Willard believes they may have come from a construction site.

"This brick right here, this could be part of the clue to where they come from. This brick right here says, looks like "Rapides."

He says it's a giant puzzle that will take the help of a specialist to put together, and hopefully find the families whose loved ones the stones belong to.

"If this was my loved one, I'd want their tombstone in the proper place, not on a riverbank."

Willard wants to get the mystery solved before the big clean up the Ozark Society is planning for October.

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