Police looking for 2 suspects in attempted taxi robbery

By Brittany Pieper – email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – Early Thursday morning, a taxi driver employed by Action Taxi picked up a couple at the Walmart on Barksdale Highway and dropped near an apartment complex on East Stoner just before 2 a.m. As he pulled up to the complex, the woman put a gun to his head and demanded money.

The victim told police he grabbed her arm and the gun went off, hitting the windshield. When the bullet didn't do any damage he realized the gun was actually a toy air soft gun and the victims ran away without actually taking anything.

Gary Dick has been driving a cab for about 15 years.

"One of the most dangerous jobs there is other than being police department," said Dick.

He says he takes several steps to make sure he doesn't find himself in a similar situation. He asks people not to sit directly behind him so he can stay more aware of what they're doing. He also doesn't carry large amounts of cash on him.

"Take the money home. Don't just have a bunch of money sticking in your pocket," he said.

Cab drivers also have a code they can tell the dispatcher to let them know they feel in danger without tipping off the passenger that they're calling for help.

Police say if you have any worries you might be in trouble, call them.

"If you feel something that's not right, the hair on the back of your neck stands up and your gut instinct tells you something is not right, trust that gut instinct. Call your police department," said Captain Bill Goodin with the Shreveport Police Department.

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