Tree cutting incomplete, KSLA gets answers

By Fred Childers – bio|email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – When Josilyne Horne heard that SWEPCO wanted to cut her beautiful Magnolia Tree down because of the power lines she felt sad.

After all, it sprouted thirty or forty feet into the air, and had long sturdy limbs that provided lots of shade, and lots of fun for generations of kids.

"There's a playhouse up there you'll notice some wood there where the children, In fact it was my children and my grand children's" said Horne.

But her sadness turned to aggravation, after the contractor cut the limbs, then left the mess, according to Horne, in her neighbor's yards, making her not very popular with her neighbors.

Eventually the limbs were picked up, but the mangled tree remained standing for weeks.

"So they started and they left, and I tried to call them back but nobody would call me back, so I called ya'll," said Horne.

So we called SWEPCO, and left a message.

SWEPCO returned that call to tell me that crews would be out later this week to finish the job. But just moments after getting off the phone with me, Horne says the contractor knocked on the door.

"They're going to be here at 7:30 tomorrow (Thursday) morning, and have it done by 11. I asked if she thought her call to KSLA News 12 had anything to do with the visit. "Well, sure it did," said Horne.

If it is a coincidence that Horne went weeks hearing nothing, and today she got a personal visit with a promise, it's a happy one.

But it's not the ending Horne wanted.

"It just wasn't done properly," said Horne.

But at least by Thursday, if the promise is kept, the standing reminder of what was a great tree will be gone.

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