Censors could help prevent child heat deaths

By Erin Stevenson  – bio|e-mail

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA)- "I have six kids and a bunch of grand kids...I don't think I'd ever forget them but I'd love to know that it's an impossibility," said Martha Ellis of Shreveport.

Ellis says any technology to help prevent children from dying in hot cars would be helpful. Thanks to scientists from GM and NASA, that technology could be on its way to consumer vehicles.

Sergeant William Gaines of the Caddo Sheriff's Office warned that though a solution would be helpful, there's only one real way to prevent the tragedy.

"The best way is really just to make it a habit to look in the back seat," said Gaines.

Gaines says it's much like rearranging furniture. He said making new habits is hard at first, but could turn out to be lifesaving in this case.

Though the new technology could cost extra money for car buyers, Martha Ellis said it would be worth it if it only saved one life.

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